A short list of a few projects


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Previous Research:

1. GSM/SS7 Security

Explored the security concepts of GSM and SS7 in the present day mobile phones. Addressed the active attacks that are encountered in GSM security while the primary focus was on the protection of terminal identity.

Academic Projects

1. Investigating MicroKernel Security in Embedded Platforms

This project was about examining the microkernels used in various operating systems for embedded platforms. Based upon original kernel design, this report explores how the rest of the microkernels were designed and the progression of the architecture and various implementations. The dissertation argues that not all microkernels are completely secure and the vulnerabilities that have been encountered in the recent past.

2. POS, Information, Enquiry and Ticket Booking System 

This was a mock project for Information, Enquiry and Ticket booking system with complete POS operations for a company named ‘Sound and Stage Entertainment Ltd.”
The objective was to build a Web Application with an interactive user interface that would enable Users to check latest movies playing in the theaters and book tickets for the movies.
It was an application with a role based model for Users, POS Officers, Administrators, etc. Each one having their own set of rights/permissions or options to book tickets. Administrators were to be provided with a CMS (Content Management System) for adding/updating list of movies playing and other information, such as theatres, snacks, etc.

3. Development of Web-Based Library Management System for Educational Institutions

Cataloguing is an integral component of a Library, the project aimed to move the physical card cataloguing system to an online platform which facilitated discovery and access to library collections and easing the job of librarians & cataloguers in educational institutions.